Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Own Property Together But Were Never Married

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Dear Famularo & Associates:

Hi. I have a question about custody and visitation of a minor child. I also have a problem concerning division of assets. My boyfriend and I have a child together and we own a home. We are tenants in common. I have paid for everything. I paid for the down payment, supplemental tax bills, and other additions that contribute to the value of the home. My boyfriend has contributed to 1/2 mortgage. He is not willing to accept any offer other than 50% of the home's value.
--D from Murrieta

Dear D:
Since you are unable to file divorce action, you must file two different cases. One is called a "partition action." This must be filed in civil court and will be to divide the family home. In that case, the court can decide what credits each of you may be entitled to for down payments, house payments, etc.

The other case would filed in family court and is a paternity suit. This would be in family court and the court would decide custody, visitation, and child support. The partition action normally takes 1 year. The paternity suit normally takes 3 months.We can handle both. I would suggest you file the paternity suit first, because it is a cheaper and quicker case to prosecute. If he is unwilling to settle the property issues at the same time, then you file the partition action after the paternity suit is completed.
-- Famularo & Associates

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