Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Providing Health Insurance for Children

When do I have to provide health insurance for my children?
Once an order for child support is made, California law requires both parties are ordered to maintain health insurance on behalf of the minor children IF available at little or no cost to each party.

What are some options for obtaining insurance?

There are multiple options for providing health insurance for your children. The most common are Medi-cal, which is a need-based program, and health insurance through one's employer. Medi-Cal is based upon income. In order to qualify, you must be considered low income. Many employers also offer health insurance with a minimal monthly fee to add one's children to the insurance policy. If neither one of those options are available, consider contacting a health insurance exchange and explore the possibility of subsidized insurance under the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama Care). Contact your local health insurance agent to help you navigate this process.

What if I am unable to obtain health insurance at a reasonable cost?

If health insurance is not available to you from any source at a reasonable cost, you are not obligated to provide it. If the issue comes up, ask the court to declare that health insurances is not available to you at a reasonable cost. This will protect you from a future allegation that you have not fulfilled your legal obligation to provide health insurance for your children.