Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Domestic Violence Cases

My wife didn't show up for her hearing because we want to get back together, i called the court and they told me it was dismissed, dissolved. Can we get back together?!

A temporary restraining order is only good until time of hearing. At the hearing, the court will decide if there is a basis to issue a permanent order. If your wife did not show up for the hearing, the court must automatically dismiss the restraining order. 

However, you must ask yourself: is it wise to get back together when nothing has changed? If domestic violence exists in your relationship, it is easy for it to get out of hand and this could result in your arrest and criminal prosecution. If your wife filed the restraining order and the allegations were untrue, what is there to s top her from doing so again? Domestic violence restraining order are very serious these days. They can prevent you from getting or holding certain jobs, you can never own a firearm, and if you are not a. U S citizen, you could face deportation.

Perhaps the two of your should use this time to get some counseling before jumping right back into the same situation.