Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Step parent visitation

My husband is very sick and we are afraid he might not make it. His fear is that his children will not grow up together. Would I be able to take over his custody percentage? We have to young children and the other of his son is not in good term with since I came into the pictures. Is there anything I can do or my husband do so we can have our children grow up together and there's a constant 

A step-parent may be awarded visitation of step-children under certain situations. Where the step-parent is close to the children and the court finds it is in the best interest of the children to maintain that relationship, the court can in theory award step-parent visitation. In reality, it is extremely rare and unlikely the court would make such an order. A natural parent has a constitutional right to raise his/her children as they see fit. If Mom does not want you to have contact with the children after your husband passes it is unlikely the court would grant you a visitation order.