Monday, January 5, 2015

The Initial Consultation: Interviewing Attorneys

Even if you do not believe you need one, consult an attorney. An attorney is the only person qualified to give you legal advice. A short consultation will help you assess your legal needs. An attorney will help you explore these questions: 


·         Should I file first?

·         Where will my case be heard?

·         Are there any emergency papers that must be filed?

·         Are there any reasons I should act immediately?

·         What are the legal issues?

·         Can an agreement be reached outside of court?

·         How complicated is my case?

·         What are my rights?

·         What are my responsibilities to my spouse?

·         What type of custody arrangement can I expect?

·         How much money will I get?

·         How do I get child support?

·         How long will spousal support last?

·         How much money will I have to pay?

·         How much will the divorce cost?

·         How long will it take?

·         How should we divide our assets?

·         How should we divide our debts?

·         Should discovery be conducted?

·         What will happen to our home?

·         Do I need a restraining order?

·         What information do I need to resolve my case?

·         Do I need an attorney?


If you determine that you need to hire an attorney, you will then need to select one.  This is an 

important decision because a good attorney will help you through the divorce.